Upper Intermediate Level

Assessment item one: Select a topic and design a project-based learning proposal (with ICT elements) for that. [Please refer: Our PBL Present, Blog Posts and Survey on this page]

Assessment item two: A short essay identifying the possible change in your personal teaching philosophy due to application of ICT (emphasis is on your reflection of a paradigm shift).

Assessment item three: Based on your experiences, make a conclusion for using ICT in education in Hong Kong. You can weigh up the pros and cons of infusing ICT in education.

How do you think about commercial sponsorship for athletes?

It is always a controversial issue about sports and commercial activities.  For example, is a soft drink really good for health even a famous althlete appears and drinks in the ad? Say something and we need your voice!!

Our PBL Presentation


1. At what time is the opening ceremony of Olympic Games 2008?
2. Which country is the host for Olympic Games 2008?